Congratulations! If you are here then I'm guessing you are having a baby or have just welcomed a newborn into the world. This is such an exciting time for you and one you no doubt want to remember. This window in time, where they are only ever this little once, goes by too quickly. Having photographs of these first few weeks is something you will always cherish. A photograph can become an heirloom, a moment in time frozen that you can look back at again and again.

Inviting me into your home at such an intimate time in your life is an honour for me. My goal is to make you feel relaxed and at ease during your photoshoot. Your session will give you the opportunity to take a moment with your new baby whilst I capture the love and connection between you.

Your session may take place in multiple rooms in you home. We can chat before hand or on arriving to your home I will scout out the good light and go from there. Typically I like to use the lounge, master bedroom and nursery but if you've got some epic light in your kitchen you can bet I'll be using that too. I will guide you throughout the session, giving you prompts and small amounts of direction which all promote natural and authentic moments.